Atheel Mohammed Kazem - Baghdad

September 2021

Atheel is a young ambitious woman who owns a women’s luxury products and fragrances shop in Al-Hurria, Baghdad. Knowing the competition in her field is considered very high, she needed to uplift the products she sells to stay ahead of her competitors and to serve her customers, but she did not have the financial means to do so. Atheel then started looking for a financial institution that can support her, until a friend of hers recommended CHF Vitas Iraq , informing her about the major role CHF Vitas Iraq plays in providing financial support and developing youth projects especially for women. She applied and got her first loan from CHF Vitas Iraq that enabled her to buy a variety of products to distinguish herself from the competition, and to excel her business

Atheel says, "With CHF Vitas Iraq, you can always achieve your goals and reach your ambitions.”